The story of Joseph Carey Merrick, more popularly known as the Elephant Man, passed into the realm of legend from the moment he was first exhibited at John Ellis's Bee Hive public house in Nottingham's Beck Street. Much of what has been written about his short life has been distorted and exaggerated, to the point where the most well-known depiction - the 1980 film starring John Hurt - left an indelible imprint of cruelty and suffering at the hands of Joseph's manager, and an eventual rescue by Dr. Frederick Treves of the London Hospital. The truth is rather different. Peeling back the layers of myth, Joanne Vigor-Mungovin has looked into the early life of Merrick and his family in her hometown of Leicester, and here presents, for the first time, detailed information about Joseph's family and his burning ambition to be self-sufficient rather than survive on the charity of others.

The begins by giving the reader a detailed and informative look at the family history of Joseph Merrick also known as the Elephant Man. After this the chapters move on to tell us the story of his birth and early life in Leicester. We then follow his life in the carnivals and the close friendships he formed there. Before ultimately moving to his final home in London. Unlike other books where it is hard to pick out the true facts of Joseph's life I believe this book gives the reader the true facts of his short but incredible life.
It's an easy read, very detailed , informative and clearly very well researched.
I highly recommend it!
Well done done to the author on her first book can't wait to read her next one.

An amazing, indepth view of the life and times of Joseph Merrick. The author has clearly researched thoroughly, and in doing so, debunks the myths surrounding Joseph's story. It's a moving tale, and the author leaves no stone unturned. I highly recomnend this book to anyone with an interest in the history of those times and wants to get to know the real story.