Leicester is an extremely ancient City, probably one of the oldest in the country. Look beyond the new shopping centres, fancy condos and exquisite unique shops, and you will find a long history dating back to the Romans and probably earlier. The town was named Ratae Corieltauvorum - The walled place of the Coriani.

Although only a city since 1919, the history of Leicester is rich and eventful, including the legend of King Leir (who according to the fable gave his name to the town of Leir-cestre and is buried in a vault under the River Soar), the knighting of King Henry VI in the Church of St Mary De Castro in Leicester Castle grounds during the Parliament of Bats in 1426, the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 where the town welcomed two Kings in two days, the seize of Leicester in 1645, and more recently the re-internment of Richard III in March 2015.

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